Triple the Impact

Our Climate Stewards have made the commitment to reach carbon offset goals, and are ready to receive additional value by including renewable energy applications that demonstrate a clear and deliberate positive social impact.   Social Renewable Energy Credits generated by Solar Host Sites within the Solar Stewards help our Climate Stewards reach these goals and showcase this commitment to equity and sustainability in their communities.

Climate Stewards

Solar Stewards makes it possible for direct and equitable additionality in renewable energy markets.  While still meeting traditional SREC standards, Social RECs add a layer of value seen and felt by all stakeholders.   By sourcing Social RECs our Climate Stewards serve the community, reduce energy expenditures, help alleviate the energy burden, and can create opportunities for increased resiliency.

No longer are carbon reduction measures solely a number in a report.  Including Social RECs within ESG goals assures our Climate Stewards a highly visible and equitable strategy to realizing renewable energy goals.

1MWh =

  • One Retired Renewable Energy Credit

  • Tangible Social Impact at a Solar Host Site

  • Visible commitment to environmental justice

x Social Impact

Our Community Partners multiply the impact

The Solar Stewards program reduces carbon in the present, while handing the tools to the Climate Stewards of the future.

x Savings

Solar Host Sites see the savings

The Social RECs our Climate Stewards purchase help reduce energy bills on our Solar Host Sites for the next two decades.

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