Solar Energy for Social Good


Solar Stewards creates real world opportunities for a more inclusive clean energy economy.   Our program provides a tool kit for collaboration, equity, and impact in on-site solar development for organizations that serve the community such as affordable housing, universities and schools, non-profits and municipalities.  Through our unique model, we combine both environmental and social attributes to help committed private-sector leaders make strategic clean energy commitments that also directly benefit traditionally marginalized communities.

Stewardship Nexus

Sustainability in its true essence preserves the joys of the present for future generations.  But all too often these noble measures are not easily seen or shared by those they are designed to benefit. Though powerful, sustainability has been operating behind the scenes, the mission of a select few.

It is our vision to bring sustainability into the light. 

Through innovative business models and collaborative partnerships, we create an environment where sustainability not only meets and exceeds goals, but does so in a way in which entire communities can benefit, learn, and share.


Climate Stewards are corporations, cities, and universities that are actively reducing their carbon footprint and are focused on giving back to the communities they serve.


The Solar Stewards Program partners with school districts, non-profits, and community organizations to provide needed resources such as STEM Solar learning tools and job training programs.


Solar Host Sites within the Solar Stewards Program use solar on-site to reap the benefits of solar energy and produce valuable Renewable Energy Credits that our Climate Stewards use to meet carbon reduction goals.


Our Solar Investors are third-parties who own and maintain the solar arrays on our Solar Host Sites, allowing our host sites to benefit from on-site solar at no additional cost to them.

Partnering for Progress

What are Social Renewable Energy Credits?

Renewable Energy Credits or Certificates, create the pathway for individuals and organizations to green their power.  Since the late 1990s, RECs have transformed markets for renewable energy by allowing renewable energy generators to connect with clean energy buyers, regardless of where the energy is generated or used.

Social Renewable Energy Credits, or Social RECs, take this one step further by creating the opportunity for purchasers of Renewable Energy Credits to procure clean energy from sites that serve the community.   Solar Stewards recruits, develops, and aggregates these Solar Host Sites into portfolios of significant scale to attract Social REC buyers, our Climate Stewards, who value both environmental and social governance within their business and climate strategy.

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